Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Already schooling but looking for an authentic Catholic support? We might have an answer to your prayers. This is the place for you if you want to connect with other homeschoolers in the area!

Some of our activities include:

* Feast Day celebrations

* Rosary making

* Academic Enrichment Co-Ops

* Field trips

* First Friday devotions

* Field Days

* Clubs

* Park Days and more!

Our activities are not affiliated with one particular Catholic Parish in the Charlotte Diocese. Rather, we are all encouraged as families to be actively involved in our individual parishes,and we are grateful to the local parishes who are willing to offer their spaces for our group gatherings.

We are a support, not a school. ARCH activities support your homeschool curriculum with activities that are:

* spiritual

* social

* educational

* sometimes athletic.

We can help you find information about curriculum, or direct you to the co-op classes in our area. Our activities do not take the place of sacramental preparation done through your individual parish or at home.

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