What is a co-op? A Co-Op is a group of homeschooling families who meet to learn together. The format varies, but typically parents teach classes to other students in small groups. Parents decide what will be taught and the classes could range from a Writing class to a Music class to a Bible studies class. Younger children play and are watched by those adults not teaching.

What are the advantages of joining a Co-op? There are several ~ let's start with the children. They get a chance to learn something new from other like-minded Catholic parents. They also learn new skills that maybe they would not learn in their own home school, such as speaking in front of a group. For the parents, it is an opportunity to share the gifts God has blessed them with. It is also a time to share with other like-minded parents and create a support group. Other activities can stem out of a Co-Op group and in the long term, you create a family of Catholics who share similar reasons for homeschooling.

Do we have Co-Ops in the Triad? YES! We are very blessed to have TWO groups in the Triad. One group meets on Fridays at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Mocksville. The second group meets on Mondays at Holy Family Catholic Church in Clemmons.  There is also a group in Greensboro, GHE which meets for different events and activities.

"Are you just browsing and interested in a co-op? Check out these two great co-ops! I am a teacher at the St. Francis Co-op in Mocksville. This co-op tends to be smaller....the size swells and shrinks, but the core class offerings remain stable. We are accomodating to joiners anytime of the year....there is usually a way to work out an appropriate class fitting for your student(s). We are open to new ideas for classes and activities. We encourage all moms to participate in whatever way they it small, such as helping with the clean-up, or teaching a class. If you like flexibility, like our class offerings, or just need an outlet to socialize with other Catholic moms and kids, check us out!" - ALICE R.

"Here's a new pre-school co-op at St. Paul in Greensboro. They just started this year and will meet 2x / week. St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church." - Richelle B.

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